About Me

I have a BA in History from Sam Houston State University and an MA in History from the University of Houston Clear Lake.  I have probably a strange mix of careers.  I started out as a volunteer firefighter and then transitioned into law enforcement.  Along the way I worked as an editor and an adjunct history professor.  I ended my police career as a detective working arson cases but worked patrol along the way and as a law enforcement park ranger.  Back injuries brought my career to a premature close.  I had to hang up the badge and gun in the late summer of 2013.  Now I am teaching history for three different colleges.  I am an adjunct instructor and maybe one day I can get hired full time by one of the schools, but that is a long shot at best.

In addition to my blog, I have a couple of other writing projects that I am working on.  I write under the name Lee Hutch since that sounds more writer like than my real name.  Plus, I think it is cool to say that I have a nom de plume.  Or maybe a nom de guerre!

My name is Lee Hutch and I am a Civil War Addict.